Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So Do You Believe Me Now!

Jimmy Wayne

Do you remember
The day I turned to you and said
I didn't like the way he was looking at you
How he made you laugh
You just couldn't get what I was saying
It was my imagination

So Do You Believe Me Now'
I guess I really wasn't that crazy
And I knew what I was talking about
Every time the sun goes down
He's the one that's holding you baby
Yeah, and me, I'm missing you way across town
So do you believe me now'

I'm kicking myself
For being the one foolish enough
Giving him the chance to step in my shoes
He was biding his time
When he saw our love was having a moment of weakness
He was there between us

So do you believe me now'
I guess I really wasn't that crazy
And I knew what I was talking about
Every time the sun goes down He's the one that's holding you baby
Yeah, and me, I'm missing you way across town
So do you believe me now'

Oh yeah, I bet now you see the light
Oh yeah, what's the use in being right'
We're not the lonely one tonight

So do you believe me now'
I guess I really wasn't that crazy
And I knew what I was talking about
Every time the sun goes down
He's the one that's holding you baby
Yeah, and me, I'm missing you way across town
So do you believe me now'

So do you believe me now'
Every time the sun goes down
He's the one who's holding you baby
Yeah, and me, I'm missing you way across town
So do you believe me now'

Great lyrics!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Tooth.....

Last Friday, November 5, Addison had her first "serious" accident at preschool. I say "serious" because it required a phone call to us (her parents) and an accident report was written by the school. I like that the school wites down what happened and how they corrected the problem. I've had an incident in the past with my son. It was minor, another child pinched his face while at the lunch table. He wasn't hurt but they still wrote an incident report and I was happy to know that they told me before he did and they handled the situation with the other child.  I know kids are kids and this stuff will happen. The fact that it happened to him does not make me upset.  Kids are kids. Now, on to the story of Addison's boo boo. 

I received a call from my husband saying Addy got hurt at school and I needed to go check her out.  Mind you, I am almost an hour from her school. I immediately hopped in the car and started toward the school not really knowing what I would find. All I had to go on was, her brother Xavier got a little over zealous and her brother tackled her down at circle time.  Their teacher said he was playing a little too rough. Addy apparently smacked her face on the floor and her tooth seemed really loose and it was bleeding. She also said Addy would not stop crying.  I was confident she was okay but, I wanted to see her for myself.

My husband managed to contact my SIL. She works walking distance away from their school. She was able to get to the school quicker and check on Addy. I got into the city about 45 minutes later and headed to my SIL's house still not knowing what I would see. I was picturing my adorable little baby with an extremely noticeable, crooked tooth or worse.  I was hoping it was no longer loose and that the tooth would not "fall out".

When I got to my SIL's house, Addy was sitting at the dinner table happily eating crackers. Thank goodness she was fine. So, I worried for nothing. Her tooth was fine. There was a little dried up blood behind the tooth and it was not nearly as loose as I was lead to believe! But, she was fine and better she did not blame her brother for hurting her.  She still hugged him and kissed him when he came into the room. She even remarked, "brother made an accident." "He tackled me down and I falled on my tooths!" LOL I love how she talks!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Momma Cloth, My Review!

I thought the same when I first heard about Momma Cloth, gross right? That is what you are thinking?  I was there too.  But, the more reviews and blogs I read the more I became intrigued. I use cloth diapers for my little lady, why not use cloth for myself. The more I thought about the idea, the more it sounded do-able.

It took me quite some time to order my first set. I researched what seemed like every single WAHM and "name brand" Momma Cloth pad maker out there. I mean there were a lot! The "name brand" cloth pads were all too expensive for my taste.  They are cute and all but really, cloth pads should not cost $15.00 a piece, I am sorry.  Well, not unless they are lined with gold and silk!
Momma Cloth from CC Bums
I "liked" a page on Facebook of a WAHM who sold cloth diapers. I checked her page almost daily looking for cute patterns and debating whether or not to purchase diapers from her when I came across her Momma Cloth Pads.  They had a wonderful price on them so I inquired.  I debated and inquired again.  Finally, I got up the courage and ordered.  I purchased six pads made in the flower style and my length/absorbency specifications.  Cami was really accommodating.  I wasn't picky at all about the fabric pattern however, I did request cute and girlie, cotton and white fleece for the bottom.  Cami picked the perfect fabric for me. Visit Cami on her Facebook page and check out her wonderful items.  You'll be glad you did.  She is kind, accommodating, helpful, economical and has fast shipping!  

Find CC Bums on Facebook!

After a couple days of using my new Momma Cloth, I have fallen in love! I really like them. They are very comfortable. I am most pleased that I did not get a rash like usual. And bets of all, Momma Cloth does not leak! I'm hooked and shall be returning to CC Bums the next couple of weeks to order more! Cami, if you are reading this, Thank You from the bottom of my bottom! LOL


Saturday, October 9, 2010


The Crazy Train!
The kids taking a ride on the train at Autumnfest in our city was a hoot. Xavier took great care of his baby sister during the ride. Addison had so much fun that when the ride finished, she climbed off, crossed her arms and told the attendant, "I go again cause I want too!" Then, proceeded to pout. She only cried for a second.
Xavier was on his best behavior and only asked to go on one ride. At the booths, he only asked for a lollipop. One for him in blue raspberry and one for sister in watermelon slice. Their good behavior earned that surprise for them!
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lulu's In the Fluff (Giveaway Notice)

A friend Mindy over at The Inquisitive has a great review of Lulu's In the Fluff laundry detergent.  
Go check it out and you can enter her giveaway to win your own bag of Lulu's in the Fluff Glamour Wash in your choice of formula!


Sunday, October 3, 2010

the bribe.....

I have finally figured out what bribe works to potty train my 2 year old daughter. Since some of you have little ones my daughter's age, I know you must be intrigued.
I've tried a lot if different techniques with my son and nothing worked. I mean NOTHING! After about a year of trying, we gave up and decided to let him go when he was ready. In a few months, he trained himself. Because of the difficulty with my son, I wasn't going to push the issue with my daughter. However, she is in daycare twice a week and they are pushing for her to start training.
I tried a few times over the past few months without success. She has been happy to sit on the big girl potty but, does not do well with a portable kids potty. She prefers to use the big toilet with a potty seat on top. She would sit but did not understand how to go. I was okay with this because she was not afraid like her brother had been while training.
Over the past few days, Addy has successfully used the potty but not without a little Mumma encouragement! This brings me to the reason for my post. So without further introduction here is how I have helped my daughter to go on the potty. A little Mumma dance called, "I did pippy on the potty." :)

The Lyrics
I did pippy in the potty.
I did pippy in the potty.
All sung while doing a hokey pokey like dance and my daughter loves it!

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Little Man....

Xavier a few hours old
Today is my son's 5th birthday.  I can't believe 5 years have already gone by. I was looking through old picture of his cute little face the afternoon he was born.  I remember thinking how far away 5 years felt. My nephew was 5 when my son was born. I couldn't imagine my little baby being that big.  Now, the time is here.  

Xavier was my first miracle baby.  After 7 years of infertility treatment, we finally conceived through IVF.  I will never forget the day I found out I was pregnant.  On January 11, 2005, I received a phone call from the RE's (reproductive endocrinology) office with the news.  Pregnant! My HcG levels were in the 400's.  It was definite, we were pregnant! I remember at the exact moment I was told a light snow began to fall on me.  I was at work, outside in the parking lot.  I didn't want to give anyone a clue to the answer until I told my husband. I wanted him to be the first person I told.  I called him immediately and when he answered I said, "Hi Daddy!" He was so happy and kept saying, "Really? Really?"

The right to King Richard's Renaissance Fair
Here we are 5 years later and Xavier amazes me ever day.  He's a smart bright kid. He's currently obsessed with Star Wars and loves to play Star Wars Lego on his Play Station. He attends preschool twice a week and takes great care of his baby sister. I'm proud to call him my son.  Happy 5th Birthday My Prince! Mommy, Daddy and Addison love you!


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I made....

I made the most adorable crochet case for my new phone... It's charcoal grey and heather grey striped and I love it!  I think I might make some and try selling them.  hopefully I can get a photo up soon!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Testing out blogger on my new phone!

Motorola i1 AccessoriesJust got this exciting new phone for work and heck if I wasn't told I could download any free app I wanted! Guess what the first app was I wanted? Yep, you guessed it! I found a blogger app!
Maybe this new "toy" will help me to keep up with more frequent blogging.

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Changing my look again!!!

I know, I know, changing again! I just can't find my look... You know, that look? The one that makes you say, "yup, that's me"! I think I am close to it. Maybe for this month anyway.  I just love designing a look. I like my Linky Spot page so, maybe I can make something out of this blog with that look. I can't seem to get the title right though.  I'm not liking the "said so" section. I think the pink and brown stripes are killing it for me! Let me know what you all think. Do you like the beginnings of my new look?? Let me know!

Also, if anyone knows how to put a changing photo frame in there.  Can you help a girl out? I'd like to have something like my bloggy friend Mindy has over at The Inquisitive Mom. I don't want it exactly. I'm just looking for maybe some code to get a changing picture background in a frame.  And seriously, I found the cutest frame to use!!!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cool, fun and a day with my Son (and daughter)!

The Upside, down Son!
Today was such a cool day out.  It was perfect weather. Perfect. After naps, we took a ride to the park while waiting for Daddy to get out of work.  We were going to meet him at Applebee's for supper.  We went to another new park today and the kids loved it.  

The park had swings, slides, a merry-go-round and a few see-saws.  There were other kids there having fun too. I am sure we will head to that park again.  It was really nice and the Mommy/Daddy seats were shaded!


Monday, August 9, 2010

I Knew My MIL was WRONG!!!

I found this posted by one of my friends on FB. I knew my mother-in-law was wrong.  I mean what is human relationship but a RELATIONSHIP!!!

Can we "mother" our children too much? Can we "SPOIL" a baby?



Sunday, July 25, 2010

Booroi at the Beach!

My Little Pirate Booty! :P
Warning: Do not use a Gdiaper insert as a "swim diaper".  They are much too absorbent! LOL I should have stuck with the thin Gerber prefold I was going to use.  I was so not aware a disposable Gdiaper insert could hold the amount of liquid it contained! My daughter was in and out of the water, never really going in further than mid-thigh.  

When I took off the Booroi cover, the Gdiaper liner literally FILLED the inside of the Booroi.  That little pad is AMAZING! SAP was EVERYWHERE but luckily, nothing stuck to her! I thought it would be fun to use the Booroi with the "pirate-like" striping at the beach.  It was adorable.  I think next time I will either use the Booroi with nothing or with a thin Gerber prefold tucked in. That seems like it would be easier to clean up the mess LOL!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Dip in the Woods!

The brave Xavier
Today I took my kids to a place I haven't been to since I was about 7 years old.  The beach at Lincoln Woods. I don't remember the place being so nice.  I believe my brother was a park ranger there when I was a kid so, my sister-in-law (well, she was my brother's girlfriend at the time) use to take me and my sister there a lot.  I think I remember going with my parents too for picnics and cook-outs.  They have some camp sites that surround a large lake.  

The kids loved it.  We met up with a friend and her son.  They played in the sand, made mud puddles near the shore and tried to get buckets of water to form rivers to the water.  It was such a blast, my son asked if we could go back again tomorrow! LOL! I'm sure we will be going there much more during the rest of the summer because well, after all, the price is right. Free! 

We took along a small lunch to eat on the beach and watched as some seagulls and ducks attempted to steal the sandwiches right out of another families lunch pack.  Smart little creatures.  How they knew that container had food in it is beyond me.  But, that crazy seagull went right for the wrapped up sandwich!

Addy digging in the sand
The best part about the beach is SHADE! Can you believe it? A fun beach with tree shade right next to the shore.  I am not a sun person and rather detest sitting out on the beach in the sun.  It makes me rather cranky. This place, wonderful! We sat in the shade almost the entire time.  Addy was able to dig in the sand without being exposed to direct sunlight and it also made a perfect place for a picnic lunch! We will surely be back there again VERY soon!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Flat Fold Diapers Re-purposed!

A while back I purchased some flat fold diapers.  I think it was a 12 pack from Target.  The Gerber type.  I thought they would be great to use in the Gdiaper liners since they fold and did not appear bulky.  I was wrong.  They were way to small to fit in the liners so, they sat in my diaper draws waiting for a purpose.  I found one! Cloth "paper" towels.  These little suckers are perfect for it.  They are a large enough size to use to wipe hands after washing.  They are also great for spills, large or small, because they are so super absorbent. I even use them to wipe the dishes when I have a small bit that was sitting in the sink.  AMAZING! I actually re-purposed/re-cycled them. I don't feel too bad about the purchase now and have thought maybe I should go out and get some more.  I think tow more twelve packs would be the perfect amount in this house AND I just through them in the diaper pail to wash with the diapers since I want them to maintain their absorbency!  Ahhh, do you think Gerber should be marketing there crappy diapers as something else??? LOL


Saturday, July 17, 2010

14 Rules to Live By!!

I came across this list while searching the internet.  The list was created by Charles J. Skye and in it he listed  the 14 things children/young adults DID NOT and WILL NOT learn in school. They are great rules to live by.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Want to Win a DATE NIGHT?

If you're anything like my husband and I, you have NOT had a date night in a long time. For me, it's been almost 18 years.  Not that I have never been out with my husband but never as a DATE. We go out for dinner just about every Saturday and have since we got married but, I wouldn't consider them dates.  

Happily Domestic is doing a wonderful giveaway right now.  It ends when her blog reaches 1,000 public followers.  To be entered into the drawing, head over to the Happily Domestic blog and become a public follower. Then, leave a message on her post. Le her you are a public follower and your email address! That's all and you will be entered into the drawing for a $50 Date Night package that will include:

  • $20 gift card to Regal Cinemas and 
  • $30 gift card to the restaurant of the winner's choice from the list on her post
So, you want in on it don't you? Well CLICK HERE and remember to become a public follower of Happily Domestic and leave a message on the post you are directed to.  

(PS: She was on 756 followers as of this post. Almost there!)


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our 4th of July Fluff...

Wondering what FLUFF we are using for the Fouth of July this year? We have themed Addy's diapers to match her adorable Fourth dress! I'll be using Red, White and Blue.  I've packed a RED Softbum, WHITE Econobum and BumGenius AIO and a navy BLUE Apple Cheeks!  Each of them will be used as a cover over some awesome unbleached Indian pre-folds and a couple of Gerber Star print pre-folds (doubled up). I prefer using pre-folds since I completely DETEST microfiber! I can't seem to get the smell out of them no matter what I do or how long I Rock-A-Soak! I've tried every single thing that I suggested to other Mommas (all of which have worked for them) and nothing has worked for me so, I give up on microfiber!

Now I'm curious, what does (or did) your Fluff Stash consist of for the Fourth of July? Did you match them to your little one's outfit? Did you go with an old faithful? Did you try something new? Did you use red, white and blue?


Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Baby is Turning 2!

Here is the invitation my DH made for her party. I think it came out cute.  I was only annoyed that the colors were pink and purple. I wanted red and white dots, black and yellow accents.  Unfortunately, everything party themed is pink and purples. So, I guess we'll go with it! What do you think? Cute?


NOW Pampers is trying to "Imitate" Cloth Diaper Adorableness...

I found this article while searching around the internet today:

Pampers & Cynthia Rowley Partner on the First 'Designed' Diaper

I especially "love" this statement from the "designer":

"As a mom, I wanted other moms and dads to have more options in every part of their lives -- even diapers," said Rowley. "It's the first piece of clothing your baby will ever wear, and it should be special."

Again I REPEAT, "It's the first piece of CLOTHING your baby will ever wear..."

Since when has plastic and disposable CLOTHING become acceptable? I mean really, I don't wear disposable underwear. Do you? I don't toss my clothing in the trash once it is soiled with dirt, food or sweat. Do you? We even wash our baby bibs, right? Baby bibs that are also covered in bodily functions.  Vomit, spit up, half masticated food, drool and sometimes "snot"! Why is washing a diaper so different?  As the designer stated, "First piece of clothing".  Hmmmm, just a little more ammunition for my cloth diapering Mommy friends to use.  Even the designer is stating that diapers are clothing... cloth - ing!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Zoo and a Splash Pad Full of Fun!

What a great time we had at the Zoo and Splash Pad yesterday! I love our local zoo.  It's small enough for a quick trip yet big enough to spend an entire afternoon of fun.  I took the kids and met up with a friend and her son.  We work together and meet up about once a week during the summer so the boys, and now the baby Addy, can play together and have fun.

We spent the entire time at the Splash Pad yesterday.  The boys loved it. They ran around "trying" to avoid getting wet.  It sure didn't work for Xavier when the water came back on and I caught him dead on as he ran through a "waterless" section (or so he thought, LOL).

Addy had no interest in the water this time around.  Nothing like the first year when she sat in the drain playing away. I think it might have been cold for her.  Instead, Addy and I snuggled while she sat comfortably in the My Little Rubi sling I purchased from Ebay (I have 4 of them and love every one of them!).  Great sling and very well made.  Thankfully, there was shade around the Splash Pad and we all remained cool.

The week before we spend the entire time walking around the zoo and feeding the ducks and llamas.  In this picture, I was able to get Addy to go "near" a llama.  The first time she attempted to feed the llamas, she was almost a year old.  The llama some how wedged it's way in between Addy's head and mine causing her to totally freak out since the llama scared the crap out of her.  She would not go near one after that incident.  I'm so happy she trusted me enough to try it again last week. That makes me realize, I am doing the right thing as a Mom! Both kids even fed the llama from their own hands.  Good job, Addy and Xavier!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

I've been Featured as Mom of the Month! Yay!

I've been featured as Mom of the Month at Top to Bottom Baby Boutique.  Check out the post.  I'm so happy to have answered the questions.  I love Top to Bottom very awesome blog and web store.  Can't wait to start stocking a few more diapers in my stash!

Thanks for the feature Top to Bottom!


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Busy Memorial Day Weekend...

Hey kids! I wanted to let you both know, we had a blast today.  This has been the most fun we have ever had over a long weekend.  We went to a 50th Anniversary party for Daddy's godparents.  You both got to go on your very first boat ride to the site!

Xavier, you went fishing for the first time ever and loved it.  You caught 6 fish.  You refused to touch them and the worms but, that's okay.  You eventually did touch the fish though with a finger poke!

After the Anniversary picnic, we went to Auntie E and Uncle P's camp site.  That was a treat.  You both got to play in the river and met a couple of new friends. You played bubbles and ate some really good grilled food including a new favorite roasted marshmallows and S'mores!

Uncle P even offered for you to stay the night, X-man!

I was so very proud of my ability to cloth diaper Addy-bee the entire day even in non-diaper changing friendly environments (i.e. the country/golf club and outdoors in the woods). I was able to do it and it wasn't even a little difficult. I used pre-folds and covers mostly and a couple of pocket diapers for quick changes.  Our first few changes were in the grass on a changing pad and the last few were in my brother's camper on the floor.  It all worked out perfect!

Well, our long weekend ends tomorrow.  We should be going to the beach with Uncle S and Auntie D for some fun in the sun.  It will be Addy-bee's first time at Newport Beach.  I hope it's fun!


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Envelope Neck Tees

Oh joy, I found a tutorial for making an envelope neck t-shirt (like a Onesie neck).  Click Here for the tutorial. I love the way an envelope neckline looks on my Addy-bee but, I hate that the Onesie covers her a adorable cloth diapers! This is a perfect solution.  I hope I can get the ambition to make a few for the summer.  MAYBE, I can try making a few dresses with this same concept! Thanks to for posting the 90-minute tee-shirt tutorial! You made my day!


Cloth Diapers for Baby Dolls (Tutorial Link)

Check out the Baby Doll Cloth Diaper tutorial link on Skip to my Lou.  There is a link to a free pattern to make your own doll cloth diaper.  I have been searching for something like that to make for my daughter! I can't wait to make one... (pssst.. I am sewing one as you read this!) I'll post pictures of baby doll in one once I finish, have batteries in my camera and can pry baby doll away from Addy long enough to take the picture! LOL. 

I hope you enjoy the Skip to my Lou website.  There are lots of really cute hand-made ideas. I am going to be checking back frequently!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Laundry Detergent... Go Green.. DIY!

A blog friend of my has posted a great blog about being greener by making your own earth friendly laudry detergent.  Check out her blog HERE.

I can't wait to make my own! Thank you Go Green Street!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh I want to be "green" er....

I am really trying to be a bit more green.  I recently made some lunch accessories for my kids from some fabric I bought at a huge discount at Joann's.  I made them each a sandwich wrap, a velcro closure pouch for X-man and a flip close pouch for Addy-Bee.  They both love there eco-friendly lunch accessories and I love that they are different from everyone else so, the staff knows who they belong too.  

Now that I have eliminated plastic bags from lunches, I really started thinking about grocery shopping.  Although I do not do the grocery shopping normally, I leave that to the hubby, I came across a few websites and blogs that offer free patterns to sew and crochet various size grocery bags.  I think I may have to make some.  They seem so much more durable than the store bought "eco"-friendly bags.  We've had a few break after the first use, not so "eco"-friendly in my book since they only lasted for one use and they had to be thrown away!

Below I have linked to the blogs and websites I think had the most interesting and easy to make eco-friendly bags. I hope you too find them useful!  If I get around to making one of them over the next week/weekend, I will post some pictures.

Re-usable Crochet Grocery Bag Pattern

Quick Fix (T-Shirt) Grocery Bag Tutorial
(with pictures)

Fabric Produce Bag

Scrappy Re-Usable Produce Bag

I added the 2 produce bags because I thought, "Wow, what an awesome idea!" I never thought of all those small plastic bags I use every time I purchase produce! Yes, I am the produce shopper. Eliminated all those plastic produce bags is something I must change. I will be converting my own old sheer curtains and a couple of laundry mesh bags that have ripped into some produce bags!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

To the gDiaper Moms out there.... has gDiaper's on sale!
gDiapers  Sweet Bundle- 6 Little gPants + 4 gRefills
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If you're new to, you can use referral code MOMMY911 and receive $10.00 off your first order of $49.00 or more. There are some restrictions that apply.

I love and I purchase everything cloth diaper related from their site.  It has just about every popular cloth diaper out there.  It really is my favorite place.  I also like their referral program. It's worth checking out.  I've purchased everything from a stroller to cloth diapers to bath supplies to clothing to toys! They have almost ANYTHING you might be looking for. really is a one stop online shop!

If you're looking for a new place to shop check out and don't forget, if your purchase includes a diaper item and is at least $49.00, use referral coupon code MOMMY911 

Click here for details on how to use the referral code MOMMY911

Thank you! I was not paid for this "review"! I purchase my own items through the online store. I wrote this for those who may not have heard of If you use my referral code, I get a $10.00 referral credit to my account and you also get $10.00 off your order! Thanks again!