Sunday, July 25, 2010

Booroi at the Beach!

My Little Pirate Booty! :P
Warning: Do not use a Gdiaper insert as a "swim diaper".  They are much too absorbent! LOL I should have stuck with the thin Gerber prefold I was going to use.  I was so not aware a disposable Gdiaper insert could hold the amount of liquid it contained! My daughter was in and out of the water, never really going in further than mid-thigh.  

When I took off the Booroi cover, the Gdiaper liner literally FILLED the inside of the Booroi.  That little pad is AMAZING! SAP was EVERYWHERE but luckily, nothing stuck to her! I thought it would be fun to use the Booroi with the "pirate-like" striping at the beach.  It was adorable.  I think next time I will either use the Booroi with nothing or with a thin Gerber prefold tucked in. That seems like it would be easier to clean up the mess LOL!

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Design It Chic 8/06/2010  

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Charla @ Healthy Home Blog 8/13/2010  

This reminded me of when our son was still in diapers and his soaked up with water while swimming. When we got out of the water, he was frantically saying, "Get it off, get it off" because his diaper had a ton of water in it. LOL :)