Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rockin Green Laudry Soap - Winner's Review

Back in December, I won a bag of Rockin Green Laundry Soap from Monkey Tales. I have just a few scoops for washing left in the bag so, I decided it's time for my Winner's Review!

The scent I picked was Cherry Lemonade and smells amazing enough to eat (please, don't try this at home). I read many wonderful reviews raving about the awesome scent of this soap and could not wait to smell it! When I found out I won, I immediately chose the Cherry Lemonade!
When the package arrived from Rockin Green it included a cloth bag that closes with a drawstring with a plastic zipper bag containing the product inside. I immediate thought, less packaging I love it already and commented to my husband how adorable it looked in a cloth bag (he rolled his eyes. I guess he was not impressed). The excitement to try this product was overwelming,  I could not wait to try this stuff.

Since diaper duty was that morning and they were already in the dryer, I only had a few diapers in the pail to wash.  I figured instead of wasting all that water on a few diapers, I could wait a couple of days for a full load.  I also figured, with a full load I could get a better idea on the soaps performance.  

It worked great! I was impressed. The smell was so yummy while the diapers were washing. I felt like I was in a candy shop! I don't rinse my diapers in the toilet.  I dump out what I can and throw the rest in the diaper pail. On wash day, which happens to be every couple of days, I do a cold water rinse before a hot water wash and it seems to get ride of all the nasties. Amazingly, the diapers came out of the dryer without a scent to them. I was expecting them to smell cherry-lemon and candy sweet but "nothing"! I was suprised to say the least. I thought maybe the extra rinse cycle at the end rinsed out the pretty sweet smell. It was not what I expected, I wanted the candy smelling bum covers.  I read a little more on the Rockin Green's site. Ahhh, a revelation! Diapers are not suppose to smell like anything when they are completely clean! Really? Well, after reading why, I completely understood and realized, "Hmmm, that makes sense!"

So, why shouldn't your diapers smell pretty, sweet or even worse yucky after they are washed and dried?
They shouldn't smell like anything because when they have a scent it means the detergent has not completely rinsed out of them. When the detergent is not completely washed out of them, you will notice a nasty, nasty (and I say again), nasty stale urine smell the second your child wets! I mean immediately! For the longest time, I thought the smell was just a really strong pee. Thanks for enlightening me Rockin' Green! Now instead of smelling my daughter's clean diapers for the sweet smell of your laundry soap, I smell them to make sure they are SCENTLESS. 

I'd like to take this time to thank Rockin' Green for sponsoring the Monkey Tales giveaway back in December by donating their product. Also, Thank you for the wonderful information I on the Rockin' Green website. Without it, I would still be wondering why my daughter's diapers were so stinky. And finally, Thank You Monkey Tales for such a great giveaway with an information post about Rockin Green.

Now, head over to Rockin' Green and grab your own bag. Why? Because, Mumma Said So! That's Why!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday

@ The Mommy-Files, join in the fun of Thankful Thursday!
Each Thursday head on over to The Mommy-Files and let her know what you are thankful for.  She usually has a letter of the day.

Today, the letter is G.....
I am thankful for:
        • God - for blessing me with my adorable children
        • gDiapers - they're such a great company and product
        • Game Stop - so I don't have to spend all my savings on outragiously priced games!
        • that leads me to Games - they keep my 4 yo busy and give me a much needed Mommy-time-out!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday 02/24

Age: 18 months
Taken: January/2010

"Mumma, Me have num, num, red sing? Yes? Sank ju, welcome!"

Addy doesn't just say thank you when she get's something, she also feels the need to remind others to say Your Welcome afterwards! LOL


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mod Mum's The Man Sling Winner's Review

This is my Winner's Review of the Mod Mums Man Sling I won at Sugar Pop Ribbons.  Wow, my second win at Sugar Pop Ribbons.  I love the look of this sling.  It's pretty manly that's for sure.  I received a deep olive green sling which I plan on giving to my darling hubby.  He is not really a baby-wearing-parent and always blamed it on the "girlie" slings I have for myself. So, when I won this giveaway, I took the opportunity to choose something not so "girlie" that he could use!

My darling hubby has not really had a chance to use the sling so, I am going to speak about the construction and craftmanship of the Mod Mum Sling.

This sling is very well constructed, made from a super durable Army (dark olive) green cotton canvas. It's definitely not a girlie looking thing. :)
It also has a wonderfully large pocket on the front of it, which will be pretty handy to hold credit cards and money when shopping! Lastly, I like the idea of the padding for the legs.  On other slings I own there is no padding and the fabric cuts into my daughter's legs after an hour or so in the sling.  That usually causes her to demand, "Outs, Outs Mumma,  outs, boo boo leggy!" It pretty much means we need to brings a stroller along too.  I am hoping this sling will eliminate the need to bring that hefty stroller around. I do have a sling with the padding and it does seem to keep her in it longer. And since I know the padding works on the other slings, I am sure it will work with my hubby's new sling!

I'd like to thank Sugar Pop Ribbons for hosting the giveaway of a really great product and to Mod Mum for generously donating the sling to Sugar Pop Ribbons. Thank You!  Check out Sugar Pop Ribbon's blog if your looking for honest reviews and wonderful product giveaways. You could also order your own sling check out Mod Mum's website for some beautiful patterns!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happily Dometic - The Great Girl Event

Happily Domestic will be hosting a new event in the next coming month.  The Great Girl Event which will feature some awesome reviews and giveaways for that special little GIRL in your life.  She will be including poems, birthday party ideas and recommendations for teaching your daughter homemaking skills (hmmm, this one might be just what I need for myself as I am dometically challenged!) The event will run from March 1st through March 14th. Check out her blog, Happily Domestic, you might find something your little girl will LOVE! And, as always WHY? Well,


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

For My Followers interested in Cloth Diapers....

I have another blog called Giveaway Linky Spot where I post giveaway information.  On the right sidebar of this blog, I added a link list to posts about different cloth diaper giveaways titled Giveaway Linky Spot.  The links are all giveaways I myself have entered. Check out the links and  submit your entries for various cloth diapers, baby and momma related items! Because, Mumma said so is not the sponsor of the giveaways and neither is Giveaway Link Spot.  These links are for other blogger's hosting giveaways.


Monday, February 8, 2010

SoftBums Perfect Fit Solo Pack diaper Winner's Review

I decided to write this Winner's Review for the Softbums Perfect Fit diaper that I won from Confessions of a First Time Mom back in January because I absolutely fell in love with this diaper! I chose the Red and eagerly waited for the Fluff mail to come.

I had read a few reviews on the SoftBums diaper and even watched the videos on their website when I first began looking for cloth diapers. I loved the concept but, like Ashley at Confessions of a First Time Mom, I couldn't see how this would keep my daughter dry during naps! I soon to discover that I too was wrong.

When I first received the diaper package in the mail, I almost called the company to complain. I jumped on the website to find contact info as I thought the diaper was flawed.  At the front of the diaper there was a small slit section that was not sewn together but, it had finished seams. At second look, this seemed like an odd flaw so, I decided to read the inserts that came with the diaper. Soon I realized this was not a flaw. Instead, it is where the adjustable elastic is hidden.  How genius! The ends of the adjustable leg elastics have little tiny toggles on them to help keep the elastic at the correct size.  Again I'll say, GENIUS! I instantly fell in love!

SoftBums are a bit more expensive than other cloth diapers at $25.95 for a Solo Pack but, you really only need a few covers.  I could probably get by for 2 days with 2-3 covers. The better option would be to purchase the SoftBums Basic Pack which includes 1 Cover and 3 Dry Touch Snap-in Softbums Inserts, plus a Doubler for $36.95 that's only $7.00 more than the Solo Pack for triple the amount of liners! Also, the snap-in inserts are pretty reasonably at $4.99 each. Why should you purchase these wonderful diapers at the SoftBums' Website?...


Flip Diaper System Winner Review

Back in the December, I won a Flip diaper from Suburban Saving Mama's blog courtesy of Diaper Junction. I could not wait to get this one in! Fluff mail is the best. I chose the Zinnia color with an organic cotton liner.

How is the fit?
The Flip diaper is a one size (OS) fits most cover that snaps at the waist and rise.  Like I said before, my daughter has a very short rise and skinny waist for an 18 month old. This diaper fits her wonderfully.

What features are my favorite?
I love the ability to adjust the rise, the soft elastic at the legs and the little flaps that hold the soaker pad in place.  In my opinion, the flaps are what make the Flip diaper a better stay-dry option for our little girl. We have trouble with some of the other diaper covers out there.  They seem to leak at the waist when she is wearing elastic waist pants. It's more like wicking since the others formed gaps.  I like that the Flip diaper has the waterproof flap in the front because it prevents wetness from wicking onto her clothing!

I'd like to thank Jamie at Suburban Saving Mama for this wonderful giveaway and Diaper Junction for donating the Flip diaper. I am so glad I won the chance to try this great diaper before I made the commitment to purchase one. If your looking for a place to purchase your own Flip diaper, try Diaper Junction. They even have a great customer rewards program! 


Tiny Tongs Winner Review

At Sugar Pop Ribbons, I won a pair of TinyTongs.  These are tong like eating utensils for toddlers and young children.  I was a little skeptical of them when I first received them.  But, after a couple of days of my daughter using them, I could see they were very useful.

It took a good two days of use before my Princess Addison (18 months) got the hang of using the TinyTongs and soon her older brother Xavier, he's 4, wanted to try them.  He immediately liked them and wanted to use them more often.  I also found a few other uses for them myself.  They are great for pulling out toast stuck in the toaster, as well as, English muffins that were too short.  I've saved a few fingers from burns already! I also used them to flip foods in the microwave and in the toaster oven. For those uses alone the beat a fork, hands down!

I'd like to thank Jenn from Sugar Pops Ribbons for this awesome giveaway. as well as, TinyTongs for donating them to her for review and me for winning! Yay!  I suggest you head to Jenn's blog Sugar Pop Ribbons and check out all her great baby related product reviews and giveaways.  Why should you purchase a pair of TinyTongs for your toddler or preschooler?


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fuzzibunz OS diaper Winner's Review

I won a FuzziBunz OS cloth diaper at Take time to smell the Rose courtesy of Wee Little Changes.  I already owned a Fuzzibunz OS in Lavender Daisy and loved it. When I found out I had won this giveaway, I was immediately excited.  I couldn't wait to get a new FuzziBunz.  After all, I already knew the inside fabric is so much softer and fuzzier than most brands and the fit on Addy was pretty good.

I have an 18 month old little Princess named Addison.  She's tiny at just under 21lbs. In most cloth diapers, her waist and rise is an infant small but a medium on the smallest settings usually work. Let just say, she's small enough to stil fit in infant pre-folds! Her only age appropriate sizing is her thighs and they are a bit large! I was so happy with the adjustable elastics in the legs as I could adjust them to fit her rather easily and the cross-over tab snap helped to take up some of the slack she would normally get in the waist.

When I received the new FuzziBunz OS diaper in the mail last week, I was excited to say the least.  I immediately opened the package to inspect it, took it appart and washed it a couple times.  I love that it is aqua colored because it looks very girlie! I took the diapers out of the dryer and began piecing them together. It was then I noticed, the Fuzzibunz in aqua did not have the same cross-over snap as the lavender daisy one and that got me worried.  How was I going to make up for the slack in the waist?  Well, low and behold, further inspection of the diaper revealed the most amazing concept that I was unaware of up to this point.  FuzziBunz OS truly are a one-sized cloth diaper, as they also have an adjustable waist elastic exactly like the legs. NO WAY! I pulled out the lavender daisy diaper and found that I had missed it all along! Hmmm, there I was thinking I had read everything there was to read about them.

In conclusion, FuzziBunz OS diapers are now my favorite.  Now, I just need to purchase a few more! I'd like to thank Chari at Take time to smell the Rose for such a wonderful site and some awesome giveaways.  Chari, your blog is wonderful and informative. I visit it every day!  As for everyone else reading this, you should head over there and check her blog out and why you may ask?


My blog is finally ready!

I have finally finished my family blog and I love it.  I found the template at emocutez. I used the Baby Shop template by ipietoon and added my own personality! It was super fun to do.  I am NO html expert but, everything I ever needed to know about customizing this template was found through Google Search! Seriously, is there anything Google doesn't find? (well, besides Chuck Norris LOL)

So, what am I planning on doing with this blog?  Well, blogging of course. I wanted a place to talk about my children, family life and my opinions on different topics.  I also plan to post some reviews of items I won from giveaways at other blogs.  I already have a few to type up.

If you feel so inclined, please sign up for an email subscription.  Thank you for following my blog!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sing for Sprout....

I submitted this to Sprout TV's Sing a Sprout Song Video Contest for a chance to win an iPod Nano with a Video Camera! I posted a link to the contest as well as the rules below.

    • Contest available on SproutOnline from 1/12/10 at 12 am ET to 2/15/10 at 11:59 pm ET.
    • Upload your videos on SproutOnline to be eligible. We recommend the videos to be from 1-4 minutes in length. Entries received will be eligible for the duration of the contest.
    • Winner announced between 8-9 am ET on Sprout starting 3/15/10 and continuing through 3/19/10. There are a total of 5 winning videos — Winners receiving Sprout branded iPod nano® with video camera complete with selected Sprout songs!
    • The contest is open to preschoolers only (age 2-6).

My kids absolutely love Sprout TV! The shows are very child oriented and you never have to worry about possible inappropriate content.  Personally, my children love every show and have a nighttime ritual of watching Make Way for Noddy.  They both love Nina, Star and Hush the goldfish! 

Let me know what you think.