Monday, February 8, 2010

Tiny Tongs Winner Review

At Sugar Pop Ribbons, I won a pair of TinyTongs.  These are tong like eating utensils for toddlers and young children.  I was a little skeptical of them when I first received them.  But, after a couple of days of my daughter using them, I could see they were very useful.

It took a good two days of use before my Princess Addison (18 months) got the hang of using the TinyTongs and soon her older brother Xavier, he's 4, wanted to try them.  He immediately liked them and wanted to use them more often.  I also found a few other uses for them myself.  They are great for pulling out toast stuck in the toaster, as well as, English muffins that were too short.  I've saved a few fingers from burns already! I also used them to flip foods in the microwave and in the toaster oven. For those uses alone the beat a fork, hands down!

I'd like to thank Jenn from Sugar Pops Ribbons for this awesome giveaway. as well as, TinyTongs for donating them to her for review and me for winning! Yay!  I suggest you head to Jenn's blog Sugar Pop Ribbons and check out all her great baby related product reviews and giveaways.  Why should you purchase a pair of TinyTongs for your toddler or preschooler?

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