Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fuzzibunz OS diaper Winner's Review

I won a FuzziBunz OS cloth diaper at Take time to smell the Rose courtesy of Wee Little Changes.  I already owned a Fuzzibunz OS in Lavender Daisy and loved it. When I found out I had won this giveaway, I was immediately excited.  I couldn't wait to get a new FuzziBunz.  After all, I already knew the inside fabric is so much softer and fuzzier than most brands and the fit on Addy was pretty good.

I have an 18 month old little Princess named Addison.  She's tiny at just under 21lbs. In most cloth diapers, her waist and rise is an infant small but a medium on the smallest settings usually work. Let just say, she's small enough to stil fit in infant pre-folds! Her only age appropriate sizing is her thighs and they are a bit large! I was so happy with the adjustable elastics in the legs as I could adjust them to fit her rather easily and the cross-over tab snap helped to take up some of the slack she would normally get in the waist.

When I received the new FuzziBunz OS diaper in the mail last week, I was excited to say the least.  I immediately opened the package to inspect it, took it appart and washed it a couple times.  I love that it is aqua colored because it looks very girlie! I took the diapers out of the dryer and began piecing them together. It was then I noticed, the Fuzzibunz in aqua did not have the same cross-over snap as the lavender daisy one and that got me worried.  How was I going to make up for the slack in the waist?  Well, low and behold, further inspection of the diaper revealed the most amazing concept that I was unaware of up to this point.  FuzziBunz OS truly are a one-sized cloth diaper, as they also have an adjustable waist elastic exactly like the legs. NO WAY! I pulled out the lavender daisy diaper and found that I had missed it all along! Hmmm, there I was thinking I had read everything there was to read about them.

In conclusion, FuzziBunz OS diapers are now my favorite.  Now, I just need to purchase a few more! I'd like to thank Chari at Take time to smell the Rose for such a wonderful site and some awesome giveaways.  Chari, your blog is wonderful and informative. I visit it every day!  As for everyone else reading this, you should head over there and check her blog out and why you may ask?

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Chari 2/08/2010  

great review!! I'm so happy to hear the OS FB work well for you. Thank you for the sweet compliments about my blog :-)

Michele 2/08/2010  

Great review! I just recently started cloth diapering last week. I too was impressed by FuzziBunz and their adjustable elastic - I had purchased just one of their diapers to try out and was thrilled with how wonderful it is! Looking forward to reading your posts.

Mummatutu 2/22/2010  

Thanks Michele and Chari!