Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rockin Green Laudry Soap - Winner's Review

Back in December, I won a bag of Rockin Green Laundry Soap from Monkey Tales. I have just a few scoops for washing left in the bag so, I decided it's time for my Winner's Review!

The scent I picked was Cherry Lemonade and smells amazing enough to eat (please, don't try this at home). I read many wonderful reviews raving about the awesome scent of this soap and could not wait to smell it! When I found out I won, I immediately chose the Cherry Lemonade!
When the package arrived from Rockin Green it included a cloth bag that closes with a drawstring with a plastic zipper bag containing the product inside. I immediate thought, less packaging I love it already and commented to my husband how adorable it looked in a cloth bag (he rolled his eyes. I guess he was not impressed). The excitement to try this product was overwelming,  I could not wait to try this stuff.

Since diaper duty was that morning and they were already in the dryer, I only had a few diapers in the pail to wash.  I figured instead of wasting all that water on a few diapers, I could wait a couple of days for a full load.  I also figured, with a full load I could get a better idea on the soaps performance.  

It worked great! I was impressed. The smell was so yummy while the diapers were washing. I felt like I was in a candy shop! I don't rinse my diapers in the toilet.  I dump out what I can and throw the rest in the diaper pail. On wash day, which happens to be every couple of days, I do a cold water rinse before a hot water wash and it seems to get ride of all the nasties. Amazingly, the diapers came out of the dryer without a scent to them. I was expecting them to smell cherry-lemon and candy sweet but "nothing"! I was suprised to say the least. I thought maybe the extra rinse cycle at the end rinsed out the pretty sweet smell. It was not what I expected, I wanted the candy smelling bum covers.  I read a little more on the Rockin Green's site. Ahhh, a revelation! Diapers are not suppose to smell like anything when they are completely clean! Really? Well, after reading why, I completely understood and realized, "Hmmm, that makes sense!"

So, why shouldn't your diapers smell pretty, sweet or even worse yucky after they are washed and dried?
They shouldn't smell like anything because when they have a scent it means the detergent has not completely rinsed out of them. When the detergent is not completely washed out of them, you will notice a nasty, nasty (and I say again), nasty stale urine smell the second your child wets! I mean immediately! For the longest time, I thought the smell was just a really strong pee. Thanks for enlightening me Rockin' Green! Now instead of smelling my daughter's clean diapers for the sweet smell of your laundry soap, I smell them to make sure they are SCENTLESS. 

I'd like to take this time to thank Rockin' Green for sponsoring the Monkey Tales giveaway back in December by donating their product. Also, Thank you for the wonderful information I on the Rockin' Green website. Without it, I would still be wondering why my daughter's diapers were so stinky. And finally, Thank You Monkey Tales for such a great giveaway with an information post about Rockin Green.

Now, head over to Rockin' Green and grab your own bag. Why? Because, Mumma Said So! That's Why!

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