Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wordless (Speechless) Wednesday 03/02

Seriously? Everything? Seriously?

Does this happen at your house in ONE day?

Why do children feel the need to dump out EVERYTHING!?


Yes, I left it like this that night (bad Mumma)!
Maybe I should have let them help me cook!

PS this was taken August 2009

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Kristen 3/03/2010  

Kiddos are too funny! I think maybe they feel like they will find something new at the bottom...or that if they drag them all out it will be more fun! Happy Wordless Wednesday! Hope to see you over at Hands, House, and Heart Full

Shelly 3/03/2010  

OMGoodness LMAO!! Sometimes I am glad that we don't have a house big enough for a "play room", because I'm sure this would happen!

Happy WW!

I am Harriet 3/03/2010  

I'm feeling for ya...been there....


Upstatemomof3 3/03/2010  

Oh my 18 month old daughter is in a stage where she will dump everything from every drawer, toy bin, etc that she can get her hands on. It is driving us CRAZY!!!

tracyo 3/04/2010  

My sitting room looks like that everyday! I'm glad I'm not alone. Some days it leaves me speechless and I won't put it away until another day. What would we do without Legos?

Angela @ Nine More Months 3/04/2010  

That is what my house looks like EVERY STINKING DAY! At least you're not alone...