Saturday, March 20, 2010

Where to start?

My husband is a professional photographer, schooled and everything. While blog hopping at some blog designing sites, a light bulb went off.  We had been trying to figure out a way to promote my husband's business and I though, why not make him a blog?  I don't know why this has never come to my mind before tonight. Maybe it was the blog hopping.

I wanted to put together something that would be a sort of an informational selling page. A place we can post his price list, portfolio pictures, contact info, you know important stuff.  I love blog designing and I think I really could do a great job on it.  If you haven't noticed, I've changed my blog look a few times in the past few months.  I have loved learning html and I think that I could definitely do a blog for him and help him to maintain it.  

What I am wondering is, where would I go to "purchase" certain graphics? I know I can't use freeware, after all, it would be for commercial use.  Does anyone know a good site that is not too expensive.  I really just want to be able to show what he does, what his prices are and what each package would include.  Nothing too big but, I do want to have some pretty graphics on the site.  Any help would be appreciated. Thanks everyone! Now, back to your regularly scheduled blog hop! :o)

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tracyo 3/21/2010  

I'm not sure, but google usually comes up with a few great hits. My suggestion is to google it and once you've found what you are looking for then google the company and add the word reviews. There you can see what people are saying and if they had any troubles. Hope that helps.