Monday, March 22, 2010

Motherhood Monday 3/22

Motherhood Monday's question posed by host

What have your kids done recently to amaze you?

Both my kids have amazed me every single day of their lives!

X-man is the smartest 4 year old I know! His most recent amazing accomplishment has been mastering the Lego's Star Wars game on the PS2 Santa brought for him this past Christmas.  I can't even manage to move my character in a straight line yet he completes each level with ease! He plays for about 2-4 hours a day in 2 different 1-2 hour blocks.  Both blocks of play are when his baby sister takes a nap and goes down for the night.  I have really been trying to limit his time because he is increasingly become "obsessed" with PS2 and may possibly need PS2A (Play Station2 Anonymous, incase you were wondering).

A-Booh's most recent amazing accomplishment is her ability to sing! She is 20 months old and can sing every word to every song in The Wizard of Oz, the theme to Mickey Mouse Club House, Barney, Imagination Movers and multiple songs by Rascal Flatts! Now the most amazing part is, she sings them without the music playing.  Some other amazing A-Booh things are she can balance on one foot without holding onto anything, she walks up stairs without holding on to the stairs or the handrails and she can count to fifteen. 

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Jennifer Leigh 3/22/2010  

Love it! Thanks for participating! Isn't it crazy Gavin can do Mario Brothers on the WIi as well as his 9 year old brother!

Love the pics!