Sunday, July 18, 2010

Flat Fold Diapers Re-purposed!

A while back I purchased some flat fold diapers.  I think it was a 12 pack from Target.  The Gerber type.  I thought they would be great to use in the Gdiaper liners since they fold and did not appear bulky.  I was wrong.  They were way to small to fit in the liners so, they sat in my diaper draws waiting for a purpose.  I found one! Cloth "paper" towels.  These little suckers are perfect for it.  They are a large enough size to use to wipe hands after washing.  They are also great for spills, large or small, because they are so super absorbent. I even use them to wipe the dishes when I have a small bit that was sitting in the sink.  AMAZING! I actually re-purposed/re-cycled them. I don't feel too bad about the purchase now and have thought maybe I should go out and get some more.  I think tow more twelve packs would be the perfect amount in this house AND I just through them in the diaper pail to wash with the diapers since I want them to maintain their absorbency!  Ahhh, do you think Gerber should be marketing there crappy diapers as something else??? LOL

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Beccalynn 7/19/2010  

That's awesome! I may just have to buy some of those for that purpose! We got rid of paper towels awhile ago but really only used dish towels since. Anyway, I love it! Thanks for sharing! :-D