Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our 4th of July Fluff...

Wondering what FLUFF we are using for the Fouth of July this year? We have themed Addy's diapers to match her adorable Fourth dress! I'll be using Red, White and Blue.  I've packed a RED Softbum, WHITE Econobum and BumGenius AIO and a navy BLUE Apple Cheeks!  Each of them will be used as a cover over some awesome unbleached Indian pre-folds and a couple of Gerber Star print pre-folds (doubled up). I prefer using pre-folds since I completely DETEST microfiber! I can't seem to get the smell out of them no matter what I do or how long I Rock-A-Soak! I've tried every single thing that I suggested to other Mommas (all of which have worked for them) and nothing has worked for me so, I give up on microfiber!

Now I'm curious, what does (or did) your Fluff Stash consist of for the Fourth of July? Did you match them to your little one's outfit? Did you go with an old faithful? Did you try something new? Did you use red, white and blue?

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Mindy 7/05/2010  

These are adorable! Maybe it's because I have a boy, or he poops alot, or I'm lazy, but he just had a regular old diaper day. lol But my daughter had on some red, white, and blue. :0)

Mindy 7/08/2010  

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