Sunday, October 3, 2010

the bribe.....

I have finally figured out what bribe works to potty train my 2 year old daughter. Since some of you have little ones my daughter's age, I know you must be intrigued.
I've tried a lot if different techniques with my son and nothing worked. I mean NOTHING! After about a year of trying, we gave up and decided to let him go when he was ready. In a few months, he trained himself. Because of the difficulty with my son, I wasn't going to push the issue with my daughter. However, she is in daycare twice a week and they are pushing for her to start training.
I tried a few times over the past few months without success. She has been happy to sit on the big girl potty but, does not do well with a portable kids potty. She prefers to use the big toilet with a potty seat on top. She would sit but did not understand how to go. I was okay with this because she was not afraid like her brother had been while training.
Over the past few days, Addy has successfully used the potty but not without a little Mumma encouragement! This brings me to the reason for my post. So without further introduction here is how I have helped my daughter to go on the potty. A little Mumma dance called, "I did pippy on the potty." :)

The Lyrics
I did pippy in the potty.
I did pippy in the potty.
All sung while doing a hokey pokey like dance and my daughter loves it!

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2 others said so!:

Mindy 10/04/2010  

Love it! Sometimes we think it has to be candy, but a made up song does the trick!

Tracy 10/07/2010  

That is so cute!! Whatever works to get your little ones to use the potty! I have done practically everything, now waiting for my third to be ready so I can do all over again! The joys of parenting!