Thursday, October 14, 2010

Momma Cloth, My Review!

I thought the same when I first heard about Momma Cloth, gross right? That is what you are thinking?  I was there too.  But, the more reviews and blogs I read the more I became intrigued. I use cloth diapers for my little lady, why not use cloth for myself. The more I thought about the idea, the more it sounded do-able.

It took me quite some time to order my first set. I researched what seemed like every single WAHM and "name brand" Momma Cloth pad maker out there. I mean there were a lot! The "name brand" cloth pads were all too expensive for my taste.  They are cute and all but really, cloth pads should not cost $15.00 a piece, I am sorry.  Well, not unless they are lined with gold and silk!
Momma Cloth from CC Bums
I "liked" a page on Facebook of a WAHM who sold cloth diapers. I checked her page almost daily looking for cute patterns and debating whether or not to purchase diapers from her when I came across her Momma Cloth Pads.  They had a wonderful price on them so I inquired.  I debated and inquired again.  Finally, I got up the courage and ordered.  I purchased six pads made in the flower style and my length/absorbency specifications.  Cami was really accommodating.  I wasn't picky at all about the fabric pattern however, I did request cute and girlie, cotton and white fleece for the bottom.  Cami picked the perfect fabric for me. Visit Cami on her Facebook page and check out her wonderful items.  You'll be glad you did.  She is kind, accommodating, helpful, economical and has fast shipping!  

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After a couple days of using my new Momma Cloth, I have fallen in love! I really like them. They are very comfortable. I am most pleased that I did not get a rash like usual. And bets of all, Momma Cloth does not leak! I'm hooked and shall be returning to CC Bums the next couple of weeks to order more! Cami, if you are reading this, Thank You from the bottom of my bottom! LOL

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Mindy 10/15/2010  

I've been curious about this, so thanks for sharing. Until they come up with cloth tampons, however, I think I'm still out. Glad to know that these are a realistic option, however. :0)

Closer to Lucy 10/15/2010  

I am a new follower from Hop Friday, you have a fun blog.

Come on by!

Patty (Mummatutu) 10/18/2010  

Mindy, check out CC Bums she actually does make reusable tampons... not a bad price and the testers gave pretty good reviews.


Cami Court 11/21/2010  

lol thank you my dear :) so glad you're so happy with thme!! and you know i'll be more than happy to help you out again. :)

Gwyn 11/21/2010  

I love my momma clothes from CC Bums. My money is well spent. I feel good about my decision to not litter the environment every month with my pantiliners and pads. I also noticed my panties are not getting ruined anymore because of sticky backing. CC Bums is a great business that listens to your needs and wants. Thanks so much. Gwyn (Chicago, IL)