Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Tooth.....

Last Friday, November 5, Addison had her first "serious" accident at preschool. I say "serious" because it required a phone call to us (her parents) and an accident report was written by the school. I like that the school wites down what happened and how they corrected the problem. I've had an incident in the past with my son. It was minor, another child pinched his face while at the lunch table. He wasn't hurt but they still wrote an incident report and I was happy to know that they told me before he did and they handled the situation with the other child.  I know kids are kids and this stuff will happen. The fact that it happened to him does not make me upset.  Kids are kids. Now, on to the story of Addison's boo boo. 

I received a call from my husband saying Addy got hurt at school and I needed to go check her out.  Mind you, I am almost an hour from her school. I immediately hopped in the car and started toward the school not really knowing what I would find. All I had to go on was, her brother Xavier got a little over zealous and her brother tackled her down at circle time.  Their teacher said he was playing a little too rough. Addy apparently smacked her face on the floor and her tooth seemed really loose and it was bleeding. She also said Addy would not stop crying.  I was confident she was okay but, I wanted to see her for myself.

My husband managed to contact my SIL. She works walking distance away from their school. She was able to get to the school quicker and check on Addy. I got into the city about 45 minutes later and headed to my SIL's house still not knowing what I would see. I was picturing my adorable little baby with an extremely noticeable, crooked tooth or worse.  I was hoping it was no longer loose and that the tooth would not "fall out".

When I got to my SIL's house, Addy was sitting at the dinner table happily eating crackers. Thank goodness she was fine. So, I worried for nothing. Her tooth was fine. There was a little dried up blood behind the tooth and it was not nearly as loose as I was lead to believe! But, she was fine and better she did not blame her brother for hurting her.  She still hugged him and kissed him when he came into the room. She even remarked, "brother made an accident." "He tackled me down and I falled on my tooths!" LOL I love how she talks!

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