Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh I want to be "green" er....

I am really trying to be a bit more green.  I recently made some lunch accessories for my kids from some fabric I bought at a huge discount at Joann's.  I made them each a sandwich wrap, a velcro closure pouch for X-man and a flip close pouch for Addy-Bee.  They both love there eco-friendly lunch accessories and I love that they are different from everyone else so, the staff knows who they belong too.  

Now that I have eliminated plastic bags from lunches, I really started thinking about grocery shopping.  Although I do not do the grocery shopping normally, I leave that to the hubby, I came across a few websites and blogs that offer free patterns to sew and crochet various size grocery bags.  I think I may have to make some.  They seem so much more durable than the store bought "eco"-friendly bags.  We've had a few break after the first use, not so "eco"-friendly in my book since they only lasted for one use and they had to be thrown away!

Below I have linked to the blogs and websites I think had the most interesting and easy to make eco-friendly bags. I hope you too find them useful!  If I get around to making one of them over the next week/weekend, I will post some pictures.

Re-usable Crochet Grocery Bag Pattern

Quick Fix (T-Shirt) Grocery Bag Tutorial
(with pictures)

Fabric Produce Bag

Scrappy Re-Usable Produce Bag

I added the 2 produce bags because I thought, "Wow, what an awesome idea!" I never thought of all those small plastic bags I use every time I purchase produce! Yes, I am the produce shopper. Eliminated all those plastic produce bags is something I must change. I will be converting my own old sheer curtains and a couple of laundry mesh bags that have ripped into some produce bags!

3 others said so!:

Beccalynn 5/17/2010  

Looks good! I always try to be greener, but reusable grocery bags is just something I haven't gotten to yet and it kills me every time I go because they give you SO MANY BAGS and it's just so wasteful!
Anyway, way to go! I think I like the first one--the crocheted one--the best :-D

Becky 5/21/2010  

I love the crochet bag! That's such a good idea, because we've faced the same problem with the store-bought bags breaking.

Mama Kat 5/21/2010  

Love those bags! I wish I could remember to actually BRING them to the store with me when I go shopping!