Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cotton Babies made me cry....

I was reading through a Cloth Diaper blog that belongs to Cotton Babies and found a giveaway for a $100 gift certificate to their website.  The post is suppose to show how thankful you are for your little one in your life.  Below is my post. I placed it her as this blog is about me, my feelings about being a Mom and a few other things.  Someday, I would like my children to be able to read what I posted here.  I want them to know what my feeling about things were.  This is the premise of the Cotton Babies giveaway post too.  How cool that I get to enter a contest and mark my entry for prosperity.  

Now on to the post I wrote as a comment on their blog!

After 7 years of waiting for a baby to enter my life here is my story of how our family grew:

My husband and I tried for many years to conceive a child after 7 years and many failed attempts, little man, you were born. My life felt complete. I thought I could never love anything as much as I love you. I love hugging you, talking to you and playing games with you. I never knew how wonderful being your mother would actually be. You amaze me every day and my heart grows every time you smile! 3 years had passed and our family grew larger. Baby girl, you were born at a time when I needed to love even more. You came along and my life completely changed. You show me every day how to love more than ever. You helped me find emotions I never knew I could find. You make me cry with happiness every time I think of you. I never wanted to have a little girl, honestly, but without you I would never be the Mom that I always knew I had in me. I love that you're my daughter. Thank you both for choosing me as your Mommy!

Love, Mumma

If you would like to enter the giveaway click here.  It ends on May 14, 2010!

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