Sunday, May 30, 2010

Busy Memorial Day Weekend...

Hey kids! I wanted to let you both know, we had a blast today.  This has been the most fun we have ever had over a long weekend.  We went to a 50th Anniversary party for Daddy's godparents.  You both got to go on your very first boat ride to the site!

Xavier, you went fishing for the first time ever and loved it.  You caught 6 fish.  You refused to touch them and the worms but, that's okay.  You eventually did touch the fish though with a finger poke!

After the Anniversary picnic, we went to Auntie E and Uncle P's camp site.  That was a treat.  You both got to play in the river and met a couple of new friends. You played bubbles and ate some really good grilled food including a new favorite roasted marshmallows and S'mores!

Uncle P even offered for you to stay the night, X-man!

I was so very proud of my ability to cloth diaper Addy-bee the entire day even in non-diaper changing friendly environments (i.e. the country/golf club and outdoors in the woods). I was able to do it and it wasn't even a little difficult. I used pre-folds and covers mostly and a couple of pocket diapers for quick changes.  Our first few changes were in the grass on a changing pad and the last few were in my brother's camper on the floor.  It all worked out perfect!

Well, our long weekend ends tomorrow.  We should be going to the beach with Uncle S and Auntie D for some fun in the sun.  It will be Addy-bee's first time at Newport Beach.  I hope it's fun!

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Tracy 6/09/2010  

That sounds like so much fun! Oh my gosh, I haven't had smores in way, way too many years!!!