Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Zoo and a Splash Pad Full of Fun!

What a great time we had at the Zoo and Splash Pad yesterday! I love our local zoo.  It's small enough for a quick trip yet big enough to spend an entire afternoon of fun.  I took the kids and met up with a friend and her son.  We work together and meet up about once a week during the summer so the boys, and now the baby Addy, can play together and have fun.

We spent the entire time at the Splash Pad yesterday.  The boys loved it. They ran around "trying" to avoid getting wet.  It sure didn't work for Xavier when the water came back on and I caught him dead on as he ran through a "waterless" section (or so he thought, LOL).

Addy had no interest in the water this time around.  Nothing like the first year when she sat in the drain playing away. I think it might have been cold for her.  Instead, Addy and I snuggled while she sat comfortably in the My Little Rubi sling I purchased from Ebay (I have 4 of them and love every one of them!).  Great sling and very well made.  Thankfully, there was shade around the Splash Pad and we all remained cool.

The week before we spend the entire time walking around the zoo and feeding the ducks and llamas.  In this picture, I was able to get Addy to go "near" a llama.  The first time she attempted to feed the llamas, she was almost a year old.  The llama some how wedged it's way in between Addy's head and mine causing her to totally freak out since the llama scared the crap out of her.  She would not go near one after that incident.  I'm so happy she trusted me enough to try it again last week. That makes me realize, I am doing the right thing as a Mom! Both kids even fed the llama from their own hands.  Good job, Addy and Xavier!

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Mindy 6/19/2010  

I love that your zoo has one of these. We have one at the local park and Ella is finally into it...Ezra not so much. Cute photos!