Sunday, April 25, 2010

Origin of a Name..

I was looking through some winery blogs today and discovered the origin of my last name.

The most widely-planted red wine grape in France is Carignan (sometimes spelled Carignane in the US, a.k.a. Carignano in Italy,Mazeulo in the Rioja or Cariñena in the rest of Spain). It is most frequently used for blending. On it's own, it is used to make inexpensive wine for everyday consumption. Carignan mostly produces wines that have high color, acidity, and tannin, without displaying much distinct flavor or personality and with very little unique appeal. (Learn more)

I've often wondered the origin of my last name.  Now, I know! 

So to sum up, I am a boring, everyday personality with very little unique appeal! 
(I hope not) LOL!

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