Monday, April 19, 2010

Motherhood Monday 4/18

I've been following J. Leigh Designz blog for about a month or so. Recently, I started to follow her Motherhood Monday! This week, Jennifer asks about shower etiquette.  bring children that are not specifically invited on the invitation. You can view her post here.
My thoughts are:
As a Mom?
Everyone knows I have two young children. Since having children, when I am invited to a Bridal or Baby Shower I bring my kids.  It never dawned on me that they were "not" invited.  I guess I just assumed that even though they were specifically named on the invitation, they were welcome to go.  I guess I have always just thought no one would care that they were there.  They are pretty quiet for the most part and very well behaved.  I guess I always thought that everyone expected me to take them.  They are really young and there is really no one to watch them.  If the bridal or baby shower is on my side of the family, I would be able to leave them with my in-laws.  However, I know my family does not get to see them as often as I wish so, I take them.  I know my family would want to see them.  Likewise, a "party" on my husband's side leaves me without childcare.  I guess I have always thought everyone knew that.  Maybe they do? I'll continue to take them to bridal and baby showers because if I am close enough to the person that it is for or there family then I would expect they know that me kids go everywhere with "ME"!
As a Host?
I don't really care who brings who. My teenaged/twentyish nieces and nephews always bring a friend, boyfriend or girlfriend to functions I am hosting.  They don't usually ask and they are not usually specifically invited but, I don't care. My thoughts are the more the merrier.  I guess because I don't care who brings extra guests to my parties, I have never thought anything about bringing extra guests to other parties. This is not to say I would bring my kids to a party that is not appropriate for them.  I would never take them on a couples night out or to an adult only party.  Baby showers and bridal showers are not always adult parties. Yes, these showers are suppose to be about the honoree however, I've found most of the brides and mommy-to-bes LOVE having babies and little ones at there parties but maybe that's just the family I live in. I have truly NEVER had anyone upset at me for bringing them. However, I have had them get upset because I didn't bring them.

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